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I am working on the XML files in C#.

I want to extact the name space and do some maniplations.

say my xml file looks like this.

        <Content xmlns="">

I want to extract Xml namespace from the root tag, ang get the value of XXXXX.

Output needed: XXXXX

Can any one help regarding this.

Thank you.

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What have you tried? –  svick Apr 9 '12 at 10:17

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Try this:

var xdoc = XDocument.Parse(xml);
var ns = xdoc.Root.Name.Namespace.NamespaceName;
var value = new Uri(ns).Segments.LastOrDefault();
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You can try XNamespace class

 XNamespace ns = XNamespace.Get("");
 var result = XElement.Load("URL").Descendants(ns + "NODENAME"); 



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