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Following on from my previous Dynamics CRM question (Show popup/alert if account has related entity records)

In the OnLoad event of the Account form, I want to set the window to open with a specific sub-navigation item loaded into the right-hand frame.

For example, by default, when you open the Account window, it loads the account details. Listed on the left are various related items. I have a custom related entity called Alert. If a specific criteria is met in my javascript, I want the Alert entity view to be loaded into the right-hand view instead of the Account details.

Is this possible?

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Solved it by using Xrm.Page.ui.navigation.items.get("navItemName").setFocus();

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I can suggest three approaches

Approach 1 1. add a tab>section>subgrid to show that associated view 2. use form.onload javascript to show/hide that tab depending on criteria

Approach 2 (probably unsupported) 1. use form.onload javascript to .click() the navigation link [you can take the associated entity name in webresource function parameters to make this a generic library]

Approach 3 Have you considered custom forms in CRM 2011?

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