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I am very bad at regular expressions and thus need some help:

I need to find multiple options with one regular expression in a content:

  1. {{ Value }} - Always
  2. {{ Value | Value 2 }} - Optional second part - | Value 2
  3. {{ Value | Value 2(Value3) }} - Optional third part - (Value3)

Rule: Spaces are allowed before or after value

What I got is this but it doesn't work for all three needs and optional:

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2 Answers


Beautify this by yourself please.

  • \{{2} is an opening curly bracket (\{), exactly two of them ({2}).
  • \s*? is a whitespace (\s), zero or more times (*) and as many as possible (? in ungreedy mode)
  • (.+) is any character (.), one or more times (+)
  • (?:x)? is a subexpression x that is not added to the results (?:) and that must occur never or once (trailing ?). Here this is used to make the "Value 2" part optional.
  • \s*?\|\s*? are as many whitespaces as found, a vertical bar and more whitespaces (if found).
  • That is followed by another optional subexpression for "Value 3".
  • \(\s*?(.+)\s*?\) is an opening parenthesis (\(), as many whitespaces as found (\s*? again), the actual content (at least one character, .+), more whitespaces and a closing parenthesis.
  • \}{2} is the closing curly bracket, and exactly two of them as well.
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my approach

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