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How do I code for a company icon to appear on the left-side next to the URL address in the browser's address bar?

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You are looking for a Favicon.

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it loads www.whateveryouron.com/favicon.ico

if your domain is robermyers.com, just put a favicon.ico 16px icon thats accessible, and you're in like flint. just try this googles or stackoverflows

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load a file on the webserver called favicon.ico

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You need to create a favicon. The favicon uses a standard (in Windows, at least) .ico file. If you have a logo, you can convert it at sites like http://www.favicongenerator.com/

In the <head> of your html page, use the <link> tag to define the location of the favicon like this:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico" />

You may need to refresh the page for the icon to display.

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In modern browsers other fileformats than .ico works aswell. You can even put animated gif's in there!

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DynamicDrive has an easy favicon maker too.

Different pages/directories can also call a different .ico with code similar to y0mbo's example (this is what Mint uses):

<link href="sc/ph645.43/images/icons/mint.ico" rel="icon" type="text/x-icon" />

This is a good article on favicons in detail.

I suspect animated favicons have the potential to go the way of the blink tag. Mint is using theirs to match their overall design, if you visit in FF3, you'll see that it matches the green color that FF uses to designate a recognized SSL cert.

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some good examples of what you can do via smashing magazine

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