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Is there a workable way to make NSPredicateEditor resize NSTextField?

All I got is to subclass NSPredicateEditorRowTemplate and write in my class the following function:

- (void)setTextFieldFrameWithPredicateEditor:(NSPredicateEditor *)predicateEditor{
    NSArray *arr = [self templateViews];
    NSView *view = [arr lastObject];
    NSSize needSize = NSMakeSize(NSMaxX(predicateEditor.frame), 17);
    [view setFrameSize:needSize];

There is no effect from setting anchors(margins) by [view setAutoresizingMask:(NSViewMaxXMargin | NSViewWidthSizable)]

I call this function every time the show NSPredicateEditor by pressing a button, and every time in function -(IBAction)predicateEditorChanged:(NSPredicateEditor *)sender. It seems working correctly, but when many times I change the settings NSPredicateEditor at some time resizing starts to work not correct.

Any help please.

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One option would be to create a custom NSPredicateEditorRowTemplate and override the templateViews method.

Like this:

- (NSArray *)templateViews {
    NSArray * views = [super templateViews];
    NSView *lastView = [views lastObject];
    NSRect viewFrame = lastView.frame;
    viewFrame.size.width = 100.0f;
    lastView.frame = viewFrame;

And then set the width to whatever you need it to be.

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