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i have a site, where i buffer some output with


and it worked fine until today i updated my debian from an older php5.3 to the latest php5.3.3-7+squeeze8
Now i sometimes have something in the output buffer before i call it the first time

please don't answer things like

"header must be called before any output is sent." (I know, I work a lot with output buffers)

when i set an extra ob_get_clean(); at the very first line of my script, it works


it seems, like php is creating some output beforehand if i put the first line

<? print_r(ob_get_clean()); ?>

then i see, that there is an empty string already in the buffer:


on all other pages it isn't, there ob_get_clean(); contains


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Seen this before .... you don't see it but there is something there ... delete the file and recreate it ... if possible use another editor or just notepad ... –  Baba Apr 9 '12 at 11:44
related to Headers already sent, see the hexeditor thing and outbut buffering section. –  mario Apr 9 '12 at 20:55

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is it possible you have some " " in front of your <?php somewhere? or wrong file encoding issue its usually some kind of that nature, check your files and include files.

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Now i sometimes have something in the output buffer before i call it the first time

It'll be much easier if you give us some info about that mysterious data.

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perhaps a case of BOM character? more info here

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i found it:

i had no invisible character in front, it was something different: i called ob_end_clean() one time too much:

this was my code, inside a function i call:

function print_something(){

echo some stuff...

echo ob_get_clean();
ob_end_clean(); // this was the bug! 

it seems, that you can clear your main output buffer ;)

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