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I am trying to convert a svn project to a mercurial project. I am using mercurial 2.1.2, my svn client is 1.6.12, and there is python 2.7.2 on an Ubuntu 11.10 operating system.

I have read/write access on my example repo : http://svn.companyname.com/projectname/Server/.

When I try to convert this repo using :

hg convert -s svn http://svn.pozitron.com/DubaiFirst/Server/trunk

I get the following error :

abort: log stream exception '("Server sent unexpected return value (403 Forbidden) in response to OPTIONS request for '**http://svn.companyname.com**'", 175002)'

See that Url is company svn root and I dont have access to it. So I want to know why mercurial tries to reach the root of svn tree? And is there anything that I can do to prevent it from happening?


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I don't know about the why, but can you use svnsync to mirror the the portion of the repository you want to convert locally? I've seen a lot of recommendations to svnsync to local before converting anyway since the conversion process is very chatty and really benefits from local access to the repo -- also it makes trying again less painful since one always always redoes the convert a few times before getting the options exactly as one wants them (`--filemap, --branchmap, --authormap, etc.).

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svnsync downloads all the specified portion of the repo and does that using http. it is a looong process. but anyway, thanks for the answer ;) (we managed to convert the same repo using, hg 1.4.1!!! ) –  LostMohican Apr 10 '12 at 11:37
You should only have to do it once anyway. Glad you got it going. –  Ry4an Apr 10 '12 at 14:57

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