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I have developed some code that builds on the contrib comments app, such as handlers for ajax requests. This code is in a separate application, which we can call 'comments2'. the url configuration of the project is structured in such a way that all calls to /comments are directed to this app's views. This works without problems.

Very recently I made a new page that shows comments flagged as inappropriate.

I conceived that it was best done by writing an inclusion templatetag, and wrote one. It works like this:

{% display_flagged_comments 'market' %}

This tag is placed inside the main app's relevant template.

As seen in the code above, I pass what model (Market in this case) the comments belongs to so that the comments2 app remains generic.

I have three issues here that I need guidance on:

First, I feel that the model argument being inside quotes ('market') make the code somewhat less elegant. In the code the argument is converted to a model:

#template tag
def show_comments(modelname):
    model = ContentType.objects.get(model=modelname)
    ... # get comments and return them

Second, since all requests with /comments are directed to comment2 app, I need to devise a different url for this page (it sits inside the main app), such as /managecomments. I find doing that also inelegant.

Third, I want to know if I followed a correct path or is there a better way to implement what I'm trying to do.

Thanks in advance.

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The ContentTypeManager has somewhat solved your first problem for you. You can use the method get_for_model, which accepts both a class or an instance. Read more at the contettypes docs.

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