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I have developed a small Sencha Touch 2.0 app. Here is the url:


The app works in perfectly fine in Android 2.3, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry Playbook. But the app crashes while I test in Blackberry Torch (OS: 6.0) giving this error:

"The page you requested could not be loaded. It is too large for this device"

The production version of the file sizes are:

sencha-touch.js: 90.5Kb

app-all.js: 401.4Kb

app-all.css: 151.5Kb

Other resources: 10Kb

So, total around 650Kb. I think the sizes can be reduced more but I am not getting any other options. I am using the least css configs in SASS file and in JS too (only which are required). Is there anyone getting the same problem? Any solution?

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It seems that you attempted to minimize your app, so in this case, there's not much you could do.

I'm using Blackberry Bold and occasionally see this when I use native browser. But in some cases, Opera Mini and Bolt Browser are good suggestions to pass those errors.

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