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Is it possible to enforce XAML coding guidelines?

For example, StyleCop can be set to throw errors if the rules are not respected, but as far as I know this doesn't work with XAML, StyleCop only analyzes C# source code.

Is there a tool or a check-in policy that enforces XAML coding guidelines?

Thanks !

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What kind of guidelines do you mean? –  svick Apr 9 '12 at 12:03

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Resharper might have what you are looking for.

I haven't done xaml work since upgrading to version 6, so I haven't any personal experience on it.

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Thanks, I know about R#, but it doesn't enforce you to code in a specific way, like StyleCop does, R# only gives you some suggestions on how it should look like. What I need is to enforce this suggestions. –  Alexandru-Dan Maftei Apr 9 '12 at 13:55

Try to use Xaml Styler (VS extension). You can download it directly from vs. Also, there are some other powerful extensions for this purpose like Code maid. Good luck!

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Microsoft XAML Toolkit has FxCop Integration


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