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I'm looking for a component which enable display tree in combo (select). Something like that: http://www.jeasyui.com/demo/index.php

But this component doesn't allow import JSON directly, only from file.

It works in that way:


I need (pseudocode):


Or (pseudocode):

        data:'<?php $json_string; ?>'  

Is it possible? Or maybe do you know any components which enable to do that?

Regards, Chris

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$obj = json_encode('['.json_encode($objects).']');
$jquery_obj = str_replace(",\\\"name\\\":", ",\\\"text\\\":", $obj);
print $jquery_obj;


var jq_data = $.parseJSON(<? print $jquery_obj; ?>);




<select id="cc" class="easyui-combotree"></select>
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Did you try the data parameter? The documentation says it should work. (Give the data as an array, not a string.) You can also give the data as an ul list. Check the documentation for tree.

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Yes, I can give the data as an ul list to tree but not to combotree. I tried the data parameter with poor result. If you have any idea maybe paste here some code, please. –  klinton Apr 9 '12 at 14:15

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