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How can I rewrite this code to coffeescript:

  $('.delete_action').click(function(event) {
    $.get('/delete_action?name=' + + '&date=' + $(this).attr('date'), function(data) {


    return false;
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Humm, that's an easy task if you know coffeescript. So, learn it:

And a js to coffee conversor:

Which gives us:

$(".delete_action").click (event) ->
  $.get "/delete_action?name=" + + "&date=" + $(this).attr("date"), (data) ->

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can you recommend good jquery + cofeescript tutorial – demas Apr 9 '12 at 12:29

like this:

$('.delete_action').click (event) -> 
    $.get '/delete_action?name=' + + '&date=' + $(this).attr('date'), (data) -> 



check here [1] and hit "try coffeescript" if you ever come across something this again


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