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I am trying to access the commit history of a single file as in:

git log --follow -- <filename>

I have to use gitpython, so what I am doing now is:

import git 
g = git.Git('repo_dir') 
hexshas = g.log('--pretty=%H','--follow','--',filename).split('\n') 

then I build commit objects:

repo = git.Repo('repo_dir')
commits = [repo.rev_parse(c) for c in r]

Is there a way to do it in a more gitpython-ic way? I tried both commit.iter_parents() and commit.iter_items(), but they both rely on git-rev-list, so they don't have a '--follow' option.

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for exampel with range time:

g = git.Git("C:/path/to/your/repo") 
loginfo = g.log('--since=2013-09-01','--author=KIM BASINGER','--pretty=tformat:','--numstat')
print loginfo


3       2       path/in/your/solutions/some_file.cs

You can see added lines, removed lines and file with this changes

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