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Once upon a time (in fact a week ago) I have downloaded from some open github repository small piece of Java sources. Neither github nor sources doesn't contain any copyright/license references. Author is unresponsive.

So the question is: can I treat it as public domain? Or should I use any other approach in using of those sources?

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This is likely to get closed due to the nature of the question. – vcsjones Apr 9 '12 at 12:40

If you don't know the licence of the code then you have to treat it in the same way as there is no licence. And when there is no licence this basically means, that you can do NOTHING with the code. This is because all rights on the code still are owned by the author.

To be "public domain" there must be a statement saying so - which would be like a licence.

This is not a situation where wishfull thinking (as in "Can i treat it as public domain?") is appropriate.

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