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In Xcode, in the navigation area on the left, next to a few files, on the right there is a little icon badge, M or sometimes A.

What is that for?

Is there any option that I left selected while creating New Project or are any project settings responsible for this?

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this responds to your git/svn repository

source: Apple Dev Library: Managing Versions of your Project

Locally modified

Updated in repository

Locally added    

Locally deleted


Replaced in the repository

The contents of the folder have mixed status; display the contents to see individual status

Not under source control
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This is because you might have selected option as shown in below image when you created your application project, so this creates a repository for your application:

enter image description here

A indicates Added Files
M indicates Modified Files which are came by default with project
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+1 for good answer. But you need to explain a bit more, which I have done this time. – Parth Bhatt Apr 10 '12 at 7:09

NO it just shows you the file is A for Added and M for Modified by user

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It is probably because you enabled Git SCM when you created the project. M means modified, and A means added. When you commit the changes the markers will disappear.

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