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I am using richfaces 3.3.2 and application is run in English and Arabic Languages. I am facing problem in tag. In right-to-left mode the master,child list switch places but the pointing arrows in selection controls do not rotate accordingly.

currently i have set its direction="ltr" in style but might need proper solution.

I took screen shot but cannot upload as i am newbie

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I had the same problem, although I am using Richfaces 4.x. One possible solution I tried is to wrap the rich:pickList with span or div and set


Hope it was not helpful.

Also check https://community.jboss.org/thread/197043

Update: I could finally solved the issue :)
1. Create a new Java class org.richfaces.renderkit.html.PickListRenderer in your project. Use the source of current richfaces version.
2. Replace in method encodeEnd()

responseWriter.writeAttribute("style","width: 1px; position: absolute; left: -32767px;",null);
responseWriter.writeAttribute("style", "visibility:hidden;", null);
This replaces the style of button created above the list in rich:pickList to visibility:hidden.

Please note your container as well. I use Tomcat, which read classes under /WEB-INF/classes before /WEB-INF/lib/*.jar [Overriding a class file from a library JAR in a Java web app]

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