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Emacs ECB 2.40 has a layout called left-symboldef, it has the *ECB Symboldefinition* buffer, and I want to set

(setq truncate-lines nil)

there. I browsed the customized group:

M-x customize-group ecb-symboldef

It doesn't have such an option. But it mentions the hook. So I tried:

(add-hook 'ecb-symboldef-buffer-sync (lambda ()
                                   (setq truncate-lines nil)

it doesn't work. Than I tried:

(if (string= (buffer-name) "*ECB Symboldefinition*") (setq truncate-lines nil))

but it doesn't help also. Actually when I go to the *ECB Symboldefinition* buffer and do

(setq truncate-lines nil)

manually - it also works only for some time. So there must be a default value of a some variable.

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