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I want to create a single named argument/option for symfony command. And want symfony to distinguish those 3 options:

  • my:command, which means something like my:command --arg=null
  • my:command --arg, which means my:command --arg=defalutValue
  • my:command --arg=someValue, which is fully explicit.

I.e. I want two working modes for code under that command: default one and non-default with additional argument, and that arg should have default value.

I understand, that I could create 2 args, but I'm looking for one-arg-to-rule-them-all solution.

Is it possible to accomplish that with built-in classes or should I create custom ones? If solution is only available with custom classes, please tell me, where to start (i.e. "create subclass of ..." or "install a bundle named ..."), cause I'm not familiar with Symfony2's architecture.

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It is possible:

->addOption('arg', 'a', InputOption::VALUE_NONE)
  • my:command => $input->getOption('arg') //false
  • my:command --arg => $input->getOption('arg') //true
  • my:command --arg=5 => $input->getOption('arg') //5
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Symfony2 have console component which can be used separately. You can see documentation here. For more example you can check implementations of SensioGeneratorBundle.

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I already read the documentation and found no way to create this tree-way option/argument. And I don't need to use this component separately. I need a way this could be solved or approvement, this couldn't be solved. –  kirilloid Apr 12 '12 at 7:35

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