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I'm looking for develop a simple application on Android to sign the user using either Google account, or Facebook account or Twitter account or a tipical registration inserting few personal data from the user. Do you have any suggest to do it? Where can I find an easy tutorial for each account? My idea consist to develop a menu as a menu in this site to login on it but into a application android. I hope to have been clear, this is my first time in Stack Overflow.

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What have you tried ? –  Lucifer Apr 9 '12 at 13:46

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WEll what you can do to create different menu Items for Facebook, Google , Twitter. Also you need sign-post library to sign your request. Suggest you to have a look through OAuth model.

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There are no any method by which you can be make own login window. For login you should be follow this url. There is the example and Facebook api by which we can login in Facebook and make own Facebook Apllication also.

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