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select * from user where room_id not in (select id from rooms);

what is the same equivalent query in rails console with this sql?


User.all.each { |u| user.room }

(sorry, but this example is not correct.)

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User.where("room_id not in (select id from rooms)")

but you want this since it would be rather faster:

User.where("not exist (select id from rooms where id=users.room_id)")

that's the closest you can get. There appears to be no way to create an Active Record query that translates to SQL NOT(). A search on the subject returns a bunch of SO questions with much the same answer.

You could do something like

User.all.select { |u| !Room.find_by_id(u.room_id) }

But that could be less efficient again.

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Calling User.all on a non-trivial data-set is extremely dangerous and shouldn't even be suggested as a solution. –  tadman Apr 9 '12 at 14:08

You can translate it almost literally:

User.where('room_id not in (select id from rooms)').all

The where clause is quite flexible in what it accepts.

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I don't know if you are familiar with the squeel gem. It allows allows you to build very complex SQL-queries in a pure Ruby code. In your case it should be as simple as the following code (afer adding the gem 'squeel' line in your Gemfile and running bundle install):

room_ids = Room.select{id}; User.where{room_id.not_in room_ids}

Worth trying, isn't it?

Here's the squeel's page.

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