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I know that the following is yet another max-per-group problem, but despite studying various related answers, I keep missing something so it seems.

First, a functional explanation of what I want: users on my website are able to browse wildlife into a taxonomy tree. For example, they may click on "Mammals", after which the "childs" of Mammals will appear: "Primates", "Bears", etc. So this query is about getting those childs. The complicating factor is that for each of these childs, I want the best scoring photo (with the highest karma, an integer) of that child.

My tables have many columns so I'll limit the table explanation a little:

The list of all species. Numeric primary key. Relevant to this query are the taxonomy fields, which are used for navigating them. For example, there's a field "tax_kingdom", "tax_division", etc as per the taxonomy used by zoologist. These fields contain text values, such as "Mammals".

A table to map photos to species. Naturally, it has specie_id and image_id.

All photos. Numeric primary key. Each photo has a karma score, the higher, the better ranked.

Each image is processed into six file formats (sizes), so this table contains the actual image files. This table has a image_id field which links it to a parent image.

I have so far produced the following query, which works functionally:

SELECT tax_class AS
LEVEL , tax_division, file_name, transferred

SELECT specie . * , imagefile.file_name, imagefile.transferred, imagefile.width, imagefile.height
FROM specie
INNER JOIN specie_map ON specie_map.specie_id = specie.id
INNER JOIN imagefile ON imagefile.image_id = specie_map.image_id
INNER JOIN image ON imagefile.image_id = image.id
WHERE imagefile.type = 'small'
ORDER BY image.karma DESC
) AS img
WHERE tax_division = 'Chordata'
AND tax_class != ''

Note that the file_name and transferred columns are required for me to produce an image url. This query is a specific example of getting all childs of "Vertebrates" with per child the best ranking image. It seems to work, but is quite slow, at about 3s.

I am trying to write a query that is a lot faster, and so far have this:

SELECT tax_class AS
LEVEL , tax_division, file_name, transferred
FROM specie
INNER JOIN specie_map ON specie.id = specie_map.specie_id
AND specie.tax_division = 'Chordata'
AND specie.tax_class != ''

SELECT id, max( karma ) AS mk
FROM image
) AS img ON specie_map.image_id = img.id
INNER JOIN imagefile ON imagefile.image_id = img.id
AND imagefile.type = 'small'
LIMIT 0 , 30 

This query comes in at 0.2s and is thereby a lot faster, however, it does not select the best ranking image per child.

Despite the problem being a classic one, it looks like I'm stranded nevertheless. Any thoughts?

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In your first query image_id field in the specie_map table points to imegefile table, in your second query it points to the image table, which one is correct? –  piotrm Apr 9 '12 at 14:35
Interesting question. The correct answer is that specie_map.image_id points to image.id (not to imagefile), so I'm surprised this worked at all. –  Ferdy Apr 9 '12 at 14:48

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