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I want to write the following C# code equivalent in JavaScript/jQuery

(x == 0 && y < 0 ? x : x+y)

Is there an equivalent shorthand way such as above in JavaScript/jQuery or will I have to write the whole if else.

I need to put such a condition in the for loop definition,

for (i=0; i< (x == 0 && y < 0 ? x-y : x+y); i++)

and thus was wondering if there is a way I could do something similar in JavaScript. As far as I know, I will have to write an if else, compute the value and then use that value. But perhaps somebody knows a better way?

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You should have just tested. – Alexander Apr 9 '12 at 14:24
whenever you learn a new language, the first thing you should read are the operators. read the reference before posting – Vlad Balmos Apr 9 '12 at 14:25
If x == 0 then you might as well just have -y instead of x-y – Pointy Apr 9 '12 at 14:35
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Yes, the ternary operator also exists in Javascript.

The code you posted

for (i=0; i< (x == 0 && y < 0 ? x-y : x+y); i++) 

will work, verbatim.

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Thanks. I did not know it was called as ternary operator. – shashi Apr 9 '12 at 16:00

This should work:

for (i=0; i< (x == 0 && y < 0 ? x-y : x+y); i++)
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That is originally a c/c++ operator. As far as I can remember this operator is available in javascript.

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Please think of the maint. programmers and rethink this a little.

Why not something like this:

var countTo=0;
if( x == 0 && y < 0 )
    countTo = x-y;
    countTo = x+y;

for (i=0; i< countTo; i++){

While it may be a couple extra lines of code it is much more readable, and maintainable, and is far better at expressing your intent then a cryptic inline if inside a for loop declaration!

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