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Is Scala a good choice to implement a well scalable MMORPG? I read about people suggesting Erlang, because better concurrency handling. But Scala has actors/message driven concurrency and functional programming. Should not that handle the concurrency and scaling also well?

Sorry I don't know Erlang and also don't have experience with Scala neither MMORPG development. That's why I can't make the question more concrete yet. I'm looking for the best way to go to develop an easily scalable MMORPG. And think Scala maybe is/could be a good choice.

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Scala is fine for a MMORPG, but it doesn't necessarily have existing frameworks that are available for other platforms (especially C++). Erlang's fault-tolerance and scalability are legendary, but if you use the Akka framework you'll have a comparable set of capabilities (for the most part).

One advantage to using Scala is that you can take advantage of Project Darkstar, a Java-based platform for MMORPG creation. Here's an example of it being used, though I'm not sure it's actively maintained any more.

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This is a bit out of topic, but it sounds like it would be better to use Erlang directly. I know advantages of Scala are all the Java libraries and stuff are available and more developers than for Erlang, but if I want to make everything from scratch with a small team, wanting to learn new things, why use Scala instead of Erlang? –  Ixx Apr 9 '12 at 20:33
@Ixx - If you want to make absolutely everything from scratch, the only real reason, aside from aesthetic preference, is that Scala allows you to write higher-performance lower-level code. (Erlang makes up for that with higher-performance message passing in an application where passing messages is more work than the computations based upon them.) But as soon as you decide you don't want to write everything from scratch, having all Java libraries available is a big win. –  Rex Kerr Apr 9 '12 at 20:36

Scala actors (consider ) are actually influenced by . This is highly subjective, but I believe actor model is a great fit for .

I guess the overall architecture would involve actor per character/NPC - Akka is perfectly capable of handling millions of actors in a cluster. Oh, did I mention Akka 2.0 can be easily distributed?

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