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I have a program that reads one image file, makes some changes on that image and then stores it.

The program runs like this:

./main file1.pgm file2.pgm

I'm using the -g flag so I can use GDB.

Now when I try to run GDB like this

# gdb main file1.pgm file2.pgm

i'm getting this error:

Excess command line arguments ignored. (file2.pgm)

How can I solve this?

My main needs those two arguments.

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That's not how you pass arguments to a program to be run; it's taking file1.pgm as the name of a core file.

You want to use, within gdb,

gdb> :run file1.pgm file2.pgm
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From the command line like this:

gdb --args ./main file1.pgm file2.pgm

run at the GDB prompt may be more flexible if you are scripting extensively.

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Populate a .gdbinit with:

set args file1.pgm file2.pgm

then simply

gdb> run
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