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I have a parent model called Account that has a Company.

The Account model uses the accepts_nested_attributes_for :company helper.

I'm using a RESTful approach to creating an Account, that will / should also create a Company.

In my new action for the AccountsController, I have:

@account = Account.new
@company = @account.companies.new

When I fire up the new view, I can see both the account object and the company object using the <%= debug... %> function in the view.

In my create action for the AccountsController, I render 'new' if validation does not pass.

Here's what's confusing me:

When render 'new' is invoked, I no longer see the company object, but only the account object.

Where did the company object go and how do I get it back so I can access it?

Thank you.

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The method "create" must contain the line with "@company = @account.companies.new" if validation does not pass.

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That did it! Man, I've been at this for hours! Thank you! –  Nathan Apr 9 '12 at 16:14
BTW, for total newbies like me, to access the child object (in my case "companies") I had to use: @account.companies.first since it's an array. –  Nathan Apr 9 '12 at 16:16

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