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I have an link in HTML and I use Page Object pattern to write scripts with Selenium. But I can't perform MouseMove action when object is initialized with pageFactory. So, I have such class:

class BingPage
private readonly IWebDriver driver;
public static readonly String BASE_URL = "http://bing.com/";
[FindsBy(How = How.XPath, Using = ".//*[@id='scpt2']/a[text()='Shopping']")]
private IWebElement ShoopingLink;

public BingPage(IWebDriver driver)
    this.driver = driver;
    //Page Factory will use Driver to init searchButton and queryEdit objects
    PageFactory.InitElements(driver, this);

public void HoverShoppingLink()
    Actions builder = new Actions(driver);

    IWebElement elem = driver.FindElement(By.XPath(".//*[@id='scpt2']/a[text()='Shopping']"));
    builder.MoveToElement(elem).Build().Perform();//This will work

    builder.MoveToElement(ShoopingLink).Build().Perform(); //This will fail

Line marked with comment "This will fail" will throw an exception "Must provide a location for a move action. Parameter name: actionTarget"

But when I manually lookup element - it works. Could someone tell me why?

It is selenium 2.0 for .Net, .Net 4.0 with IE driver.

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Because the proxy object (ProxiedWebElementInterceptor) created for the element doesn't proxy ILocatable, which is what the Actions class requires of its methods. This is a bug in the .NET bindings. It has been fixed in the current sources, and will be available in the next public release (2.21), available soon.

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