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I have made a site but two other subsites for different screen resolution. e.g. index.htm(for 1080p resolution) and index1.htm(for 720p resolution).


index.htm is open when somebody types

index1.htm is open when somebody types or his screen resolution is 720p

but I don't want to be like these

I want both to detect visitors screen resolution (i know how), and automatically to open one (e.g index1.htm but the link not to change and stay [not])

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Try googling 'media queries'. –  j08691 Apr 9 '12 at 15:23

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You should use media-queries to make sites look good in every resolution. Some tutorials:

For those who find this topic while searching about this problem on Google. You need something like AJAX to get this done.
If you only change de stylesheet on different resolutions you can use a Stylesheet Switcher.

But if you change the total HTML, which is not good for your usabilty, you need to put everything in the body in special files and load them in the body with AJAX.

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You can try with media queries, you only need one index.html and one stylesheet. Read this article for more info! Media queries tutorial

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