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I am debugging java application with remote debug feature. Application is running separately, while access to it's JVM is configured under Debug Configurations - Remote Java Application.

Sources are correctly set in Source tab

Unfortunately, I can't toggle breakpoint if I open any of the source files.

If I open a jar in separate project, which source coincides with the source of the debugging application, then I can set breakpoint and works, but strange: whet it stops it opens separate window with JavaFileName.java in it's title. While to set breakpoint, I open window with JavaFileName.class in it's title.

So, I set breakpoints in one window while use them in another.

How to set and use breakpoints in convenient way?

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You positive that the code matches the remote app, what happens if you add the breakpoint to a method rather than a line of code –  vickirk Apr 20 '12 at 15:38

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While having the .class file opened select the correspondent jar file in the Package Explorer view. You can achieve this by selecting the Package Explorer view and then clicking in Link with Editor button (that's the two left/right arrows button in the Package Explorer view buttons bar). Select Properties from the context-menu. In the Java Source Attachment remove the content of the Location Path. This way, debugger will have to use the sources and not the sources from the binaries.

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