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I'm finding it quite frustrating to figure out why OpenLayers is failing to load for me. Ultimately, I want to run it on a single page in Drupal, so it needs to work with jQuery. There are some examples in jsFiddle, but not many.

The closest I've come is http://jsfiddle.net/3A8Zn/ - but when I bring that over to Drupal I don't get the navigational elements displayed the same way.

In most instances, even though I'm copying from other examples that I can see working, in attempting to bring them over to jsFiddle they break somewhere:

Maybe jsFiddle doesn't actually respect: Possibly me forcing everything to single quotes is breaking something.

Any ideas on why these aren't working in jsFiddle would be appreciated. There seem to be a lot of possible points of failure.

EDIT: Got a good response here - http://gis.stackexchange.com/questions/23103/getting-openlayers-working-in-jsfiddle/23115#23115

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