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within powershell I'd like to learn the best way to call a variable to a start job so I don't have to edit the script for each server as it will be specific based on the client I've placed my script on.

$Servername = 'Server1'
    $pingblock = {
      pathping $servername | Out-File C:\client\PS\ServerPing.TXT
    start-job $pingblock

when I run my code above I just get a file with the help as if I forgot the specify the $servername.

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Use the -ArgumentList parameter on Start-Job e.g.:

Start-Job -Scriptblock {param($p) "`$p is $p"} -Arg 'Server1'

In your case:

$pingblock = {param($servername) pathping $servername | Out-File C:\...\ServerPing.txt}
Start-Job $pingblock -Arg Server1
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Thanks! I missed that start job had an argument list. –  jjamesjohnson Apr 9 '12 at 16:09

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