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I am not able to display a p:dialog with prefilled values for a p:inputText component:

<p:dialog modal="true" widgetVar="editPersonDlg" header="Edit Person" width="350">
    <h:form id="editPersonForm">
        <h:panelGrid columns="2">
            <h:outputLabel for="editFirstName" value="First Name:" />
            <p:inputText id="editFirstName" value="#{personBean.selectedPerson.firstName}" />
            <p:commandButton value="Save" type="Button" actionListener="#{personBean.edit}" 
            <p:commandButton value="Cancel" type="Button" oncomplete="editPersonDlg.hide()"/>

When debugging I see that personBean#selectedPerson is effectively returning a not-null Person, with not-null names. Person#getFirstName is effectively returning a not-null name. However FirstName and LastName don't appear in the inputText boxes of the Dialog.

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It could be beacause you don't update the dialog before you open it. For example: You initialize the personBean.selectedPerson by selecting it in p:dataTable and then you want to edit it by clicking on p:commandButton which opens the "edit" dialog. You have to update this dialog so the component can fetch actual data. Try something like this for the button which opens the dialog:

<p:commandButton value="Edit" oncolmplete="editPersonDlg.show()" update=":formInWhichIsDialog:dialogID" />

Let me know if it worked, problem can be somewhere else but this is the most common thing. Hope it helped !

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