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In MVC Pattern: when user types something, Control will "translate" user input to Model to process data.

But, in other scene, for example my form has a list box and load data from database when it's loading. So, the loading method I should put in The View or I should call this through Control.

For example: View:

public void Loading(){
   //some init here
   //load data from database
public void Loading(){
   //some init here

Which is the best in this pattern. Please give me an advice.

Thanks :)

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The relationship between the model and the view is described by a design pattern, called Observer, whereby the model is the subject, and the view an observer. That means that the model notifies the view, when there is new data available.

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Yes. But in my case, when loading data, nothing change in model. so, which part I should put loadDatabase() into ? View, Control or Model ? –  hqt Apr 9 '12 at 16:45

The list box is part of the view so you should load it with the controller! In mvc the view doesn't t know nothing about model.so you can change the model without changing the view and vice versa.

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