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After created an app on FB, I get an access token XXX

when I open it does show all information that I likes fine.

but when I open to see from another user (who set those info public,such as ) I got nothing but

   "data": [


Can somebody expand to me why and any idea solve?

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You have to get a user access token for user 4 for the likes to come back to you. – DMCS Apr 9 '12 at 22:36

You can not view the likes of a public profile, you have to ask for permission(user_likes) from the app to see this info.

Info on the user_likes permissions

user_likes: Provides access to the list of all of the pages the user has liked as the likes connection

Example of Public profile(sorry btaylor, but your name is on the docs )

You will see an empty data set.

From the user docs, talking about the likes connection:


You can read the pages that a User has liked by issuing an HTTP GET to /PROFILE_ID/likes with the user_likes or friends_likes permissions. For example:

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