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I've been having problems passing parameters from one .jsp to another.

I have two .jsp (1 and 2). In 1 I get some data from a database and show the user a bunch of checkboxes (depending on the data I got before). The user has to check one or more of the checkboxes, the selected will be deleted in my database in 2. (It´s something like "Select the numbers you want to delete").

I don't know how to pass the selected checkboxes and the value from 1 to 2. I tried with javascript/jQuery, trying to know if a checkbox is checked and its value, add the value to a hidden field and use the request in 2 to get it.


    HttpSession sesion = request.getSession();

    Company company = (Company) sesion.getAttribute("company");
    List<Phone> phones = company.getTelefonos();
<form id="formulario" method="POST" action="desMul_Final.jsp">
        Iterator<Phone> it1 = phones.iterator();
            Phone t = it1.next();
            String number = t.getNumero();
        <input name=check id="t_<%=number%>" type=checkbox value="<%=number%>" /> <%=number%>.
<p class="buttons">
    <button type=submit onclick="javascript: pick();">Continue</button>


function pick(){
var counter = 0;
$("#formulario fieldset p").each(function(index){
    var field;
    $(this).children("input").each(function() {
            field = $(this).val();
    index = index + 1;

    texto = "<input type=hidden name=phone_"+index+" value="+field+" />";

    counter = index;
cant = "<input type=hidden name=amount id=amount value="+counter+" />";

2.jsp (here I only try to know if I have the info)

    int amount = Integer.valueOf(request.getParameter("amount"));

    for(int i = 1; i <= amount; i++){
            String s = request.getParameter("phone_"+i);

When I try to access to request.getParameter("amount") I get an java.lang.NumberFormatException: null so I think my Javascript/jQuery is wrong.

How can I solve this?.

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Are you familiar with debugging web application in a client-side way? Can you please insert console.log("$("#formulario")) and then a breakpoint after $("#formulario").append(cant);, to see how the form's content changed, and if the hidden input was added ?

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I'm sorry I'm not familiar with debugging web application in a client-side way, how can I do it?. –  Zuazua Apr 10 '12 at 7:44

use int[] amount= Integer.ValueOf(request.getParameterValues("amount")); instead of request.getParameter("amount");

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Thanks for the answer, but amount is a number not an array, I mean amount comes from here "<input type=hidden name=amount id=amount value="+counter+" />"; and it has to be only the amount of checkboxes that were checked. If i use your idea I get an Incompatible types error message. –  Zuazua Apr 10 '12 at 7:42
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Well, I finally found the solution and I didn't need any Javascript. Searching in the API I found a method of the request called getParameterNames() that returns an Enumeration of String objects containing the names of the parameters contained in this request.

And I understood that when you submit the form, the checkbox value will be sent if the control is checked. Otherwise, nothing will be sent. So with this information and the method, I changed the way the checkboxes were constructed and use the enumeration to get the values.

<input name=check id="t_<%=number%>" type=checkbox value="<%=number%>" /> <%=number%>.

<input name="<%=number%>" type=checkbox /> <%=number%>.

So in my second .jsp I get a Enumeration with the names of the selected checkboxes, which are the phone numbers.

java.util.Enumeration enu = request.getParameterNames();
java.util.List<String> numbers = new java.util.ArrayList<String>();
   String s = (String)(enu.nextElement());
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