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I'm created an hpp file and I need to forward declare classes as I cannot assume they are included at the time.

I have a typedef'd class, and I want to do a find in files to find the line where this is typedef'd so I can get the original class or struct name.

How can I do this? I want to search for: typedef "AnythingInBetween" name

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Try the following.


This will work for cases where it's a typedef to a single name which matches 'thename' and everything occurs on a single line. This isn't fully respective of the C++ grammar for typedefs (a regex simply can't be) but will catch the 90% case

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What flavor of regex do you need it in? I'm gonna guess this is what you need?


\s"(.*?)"\s means match a space char followed by a double quote then anything until the next double quote followed by a space

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