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I have to call a store procedure at the end of each month, i just need to know how to fire a trigger on an specific date and time to call my stored procedure.

Thanks for your time.

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MySQL can't do this. Instead, you should use a cronjob. If you're on a Linux system, you can create a script or program that runs your stored procedure and schedule it for execution using the crontab command.

In the command line, writing crontab -e will allow you to edit your cronjobs. In here, you can add

0 5 L * ? * /path/to/script.pl

This will run /path/to/script.pl at 5 AM, the last day of every month.

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MySQL triggers are responses to query events - the clock ticking is not one of them. If you need to execute something at a specific date/time, use an external job scheduler (e.g. cron) to trigger the job.

As stated in the MySQL docs:

MySQL triggers are activated by SQL statements only.
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What you can do is to create an event.

CREATE EVENT event_name
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