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I have a Django model which has a foreign key that is optional. I set it up this way so that table would contain default options of different service_types but one could override this option by specifying a controller foreign key.

Now in my views I have a bunch of code that looks like this:

    modeService = RegressionServices.objects.get(controller=controller, service_type=SERVICE_TYPE_CONTROLLER_MODE)
except RegressionServices.DoesNotExist:
    modeService = RegressionServices.objects.get(service_type=SERVICE_TYPE_CONTROLLER_MODE)

I would like to reduce this down to one call and I think that a Django model Manager should be the way to do so. Essentially it would check for the controller in **kwargs and if present it would basically do the code above. I am looking in the docs and only finding that the get_query_set method is usually being overridden. Is it okay to override the get() method? Will I even have access to the RegressionServices model in a model Manager get() method?

Can anyone think of a way to do this other than a model manager?

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Just do a logical OR, using Q objects.

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If RegressionServices has two entries with the same service type (which it will), one with a controller FK and one without, a MultipleObjectsReturned exception is thrown, so that doesn't work. –  Randy Apr 9 '12 at 18:42
If there's potential for multiple objects being returned, either don't use get or catch the exception and respond accordingly. In your case, you should probably be using filter with subscript syntax to impose a limit (e.g. RegressionServices.objects.filter(...)[0]) and catching IndexError to ensure at least one item was returned. –  Chris Pratt Apr 9 '12 at 21:49

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