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I'm looking for a tool to export data from a PostgreSQL DB to an Oracle data warehouse. I'm really looking for a heterogenous DB replication tool, rather than an export->convert->import solution.

Continuent Tungsten Replicator looks like it would do the job, but PostgreSQL support won't be ready for another couple months.

Are there any open-source tools out there that will do this? Or am I stuck with some kind of scheduled pg_dump/SQL*Loader solution?

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You can create a database link from Oracle to Postgres (this is called heterogeneous connectivity). This makes it possible to select data from Postgres with a select statement in Oracle. You can use materialized views to schedule and store the results of those selects.

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I'd like a solution that is more about transfering deltas rather than periodically querying, but this is definitely a better alternative to dump/import, thanks. –  user124344 Jun 17 '09 at 16:53

It sounds like SymmetricDS would work for your scenario. SymmetricDS is web-enabled, database independent, data synchronization/replication software. It uses web and database technologies to replicate tables between relational databases in near real time.

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Sounds like you want an ETL (extract transform load) tool. There are allot of open source options Enhydra Octopus, and Talend Open Studio are a couple I've come across. In general ETL tools offer you better flexibility than the straight across replication option. Some offer scheduling, data quality, and data lineage.

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