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I have managed to create a simple app which deletes (bypassing the recycle bin) any files I want to. It can also upload files. The problem I am having is that I cannot specify which collection the new file should be uploaded to.

def UploadFile(folder, filename, local_file, client):
    print "Upload Resource"
    doc ='document', title=filename)
    path = _GetDataFilePath(local_file)
    media =
    media.SetFileHandle(path, 'application/octet-stream')
    create_uri = + '?convert=false'
    collection_resource = folder
    upload_doc = client.CreateResource(doc, create_uri=create_uri, collection=collection_resource, media=media)
    print 'Created, and uploaded:', upload_doc.title, doc.resource_id

From what I understand the function CreateResources requires a resource object representing the collection. How do I get this object? The variable folder is currently just a string which says 'daily' which is the name of the collection, it is this variable which I need to replace with the collection resource.

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From various sources, snippets and generally stuff all over the place I managed to work this out. You need to pass a uri to the FindAllResources function (one which I found no mention of in the sample code from gdata).

I have written up in more detail how I managed to upload, delete (bypassing the bin), search for and move files into collections


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