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I am developing a new web application in Rails 3.2. I have come to the point where I am trying to make everything look as nice in IE as Firefox/Chrome etc.

For that I am using CSS3 PIE http://css3pie.com/

However: Because of the way stylesheets are fragmented out in many small files, I now have 64 stylesheet files to load in development mode. This creates a problem in IE, when css3pie.htc tries to dynamically create a new styleshhet. IE only supports 31 concurrent stylesheets.

Is there a way to make Rails always concatenate all stylesheets into application.css? In development.

UPDATE 2012-04-11: I have tried to invoke "rake assets:precompile" on my development machine. But the precompiled stylesheet is still not used. It seems like I need to change some config values, but I do not know which.


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It sounds like your asset pipeline is in debug mode, so you'll want to turn that off.You should have a <AppDir>/config/environments/development.rb file. In that file, try to find the following line.

ServerPrototype::Application.configure do
    config.assets.debug = true

Try setting that value to false (if the line isn't in the file already, go ahead and add it with a value of false). That will cause the asset pipeline to compile all your assets into a single file per manifest

If that doesn't fix it, you may need to restructure your manifest files. I'd read through this section on the Asset Pipeline: Manifests and Directives to understand how the manifests are used and compiled.

You can also turn on compression if you want by adding/changing the following setting to true:

config.assets.compress = true

Note, that if you're using custom compressors, you'll also need to add those definitions as well:

config.assets.css_compressor = :foo_compressor
config.assets.css_compressor = :bar_compressor

A complete list of the config options for the asset pipeline can be found in the Rails Guides Documentation on Configuring Rails Applications: Configuring Assests.

config.assets.compress a flag that enables the compression of compiled assets. It is explicitly set to true in config/production.rb.

config.assets.debug disables the concatenation and compression of assets. Set to false by default in config/development.rb.

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You were absolutely right! Thank you very much. :-) –  Carsten Gehling Apr 16 '12 at 4:57

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