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I've written the code below which works fine apart from one of the variables is over 200 characters and goes onto the next line messing the layout up. Any suggestions on a better layout so if one of the variables is long, it still retains structure?

$WriteLog = $null 
$WriteLog = @()
$WriteLog +="Here is some stuff:                $stuff1"
$WriteLog +="Here is some stuff:                $stuff2"
$WriteLog +="Here is some stuff:                $stuff3"
$WriteLog +="Here is some stuff:                $stuff4"
$WriteLog +="Here is some stuff:                $stuff5"
$WriteLog +="Here is some stuff:                $stuff6"
Out-File -InputObject $WriteLog -Append -NoClobber -FilePath "$env:SystemDrive\somestuff\somestuff.txt"

Example output :

"Here is some stuff:                    stuff1"
"Here is some stuff:            stuff2"  
"Here is some stuff:                Heres a lot of stuff
stuff3, stuff3, stuff3, stuff3,  stuff3, stuff3" 
"Here is some stuff:            stuff4"  
"Here is some stuff:                    stuff5"
"Here is some stuff:                    stuff6"
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As you can see ive updated the original question with a example. everything kind of lines up until "Heres a lot of stuff stuff3" and then it wraps onto the next line. I would like it to all justifie with stuff one and if it wraps onto the next line, again justify with stuff1. Hope i make a little more sence now. Thanks –  resolver101 Apr 12 '12 at 19:15

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I would use formatting if you are not sure (I hope I understand your problem). See

'{0,5} -f 5
'{0,5} -f 1115


$WriteLog = $stuff1, $stuff2, $stuff3, $stuff4, $stuff5, $stuff6 | 
               Foreach-Object { "Here is some stuff:{0,20}" -f $_ }
$WriteLog = $WriteLog -join "`n"
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Out-File has a -Width parameter that might help. Or can you format the long variable as a here string?

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