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I am loading the sound cloud player from http://w.soundcloud.com/player and passing a secret URI along with the other required parameters. About 1/3 of the songs I upload using the soundcloud REST api through the java wrapper do not show the waveform graphic when played with the player.

I've uploaded the same mp3 multiple times now. When it works, it appears to always work. When it doesn't work the first time it doesn't appear to ever fix itself. I haven't figured out a pattern of working/not working yet, but it appears to be related to whatever processing occurs when the mp3 is first uploaded.

When the waveform graphic fails to load, the song is still playable and the error in the browser looks like this:

GET http://w.soundcloud.com/_waveform/player-waveform-medium.png?b9f92e9 403 (Forbidden)

The songs are private within soundcloud. Browser used is Safari.

The issue seems possibly related to this question Why are some SoundCloud tracks causing their HTML5 widget to fail? because it has similar symptoms although I'm not receiving a DOM error.

Update After doing more research it appears the waveform does not work if I access the newly uploaded file too soon after the upload. If I wait a few minutes before requesting the secret link and loading the player the waveform seems to work. It still never ends up working on the files where it does not work the first time.

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Does this happen with any public tracks where you could share the ID with us to see? Alternatively, if it's ok with you of course, could you let me know the ID of the misbehaving private track and I can investigate the issue from the backend? –  nickf Apr 11 '12 at 9:55
@nickf Right now I'm just testing with tracks from internet archive so I can provide you with whatever you need. The below links are uploads of the same track: api.soundcloud.com/tracks/42754316?secret_token=s-8Z1Td -- works api.soundcloud.com/tracks/42754197?secret_token=s-vuGxz -- doesn't work The only difference is the one that doesn't work I accessed immediately after uploading while the one that works I waited a few minutes. So far that appears to be the determining factor. Let me know if you need anything else! –  mdatwood Apr 11 '12 at 14:19
Okay, I think I understand what might be the problem. When a track is uploaded, it takes a short while before it can be analysed to generate the waveform (depending on the server backlog). The widget caches waveform data in localStorage to reduce latency, so if the waveform is requested before it is ready, perhaps the invalid waveform is being cached. I'll have to double-check to make sure this is the case. Could you try clearing local storage (open w.soundcloud.com and then execute localStorage.clear() in the console), and see if that resolves the problem? –  nickf Apr 11 '12 at 21:44
@nickf It looks like you're right about the invalid waveform/waveform URI is being cached. Trying a different browser worked as well as doing the localStorage.clear() and restarting the original browser. Is the cache browser based or could an option be added to the player to flush/ignore cache on each load? –  mdatwood Apr 12 '12 at 13:54
A new version of the widget has just been deployed. Could you see if there are still issues now and let me know? Cheers. –  nickf Apr 12 '12 at 16:13
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