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Can you recommend a Java API to use with a desktop application (i.e. J2SE not J2ME) that will, perhaps, work with the underlying operating system's Bluetooth stack to give access to Bluetooth functionality and devices?

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This page lists several J2SE and J2ME based development kit (including BlueCove), so you may find what you need.

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BlueCove seem pretty good and stable. It is licensed under LGPL. It supports Windows, OS X and Linux (via BlueZ and is then covered by the GPL). The code is available on their Google Code Page

Also I found a project among my bookmarks that works with JavaCom named Harald.

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Please bear in mind that the last time I was looking for bluetooth implementations for java, not all of them supported the same bluetooth stacks. Make sure you get an implementation that supports the bluetooth stack you are going to be working with.

EDIT: It was less than a year ago when I was trying to use the bluetooth implementations.

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