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I am trying to add a new key:value to a CSV file in Python. The new values for the key come from the values of existing keys in the table.

def addKey(allData):  
    allData = []  
    for i in range (0, len(allData)):  
        while i > 0 and allData[i] == allData[i+1]:  
            newKey = {}  
            newKeyVal = int(allData['key1']*100 + allData['key2'])  
            allData = dict(allData, newKey = newKeyVal)  
    return allData  

Any suggestions? I have a feeling this code is all wrong to begin with.

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If allData is already a dict, then you would want

allData["newkey"] = newKeyVal

IIRC, dicts will only let you have one of each key, so as long as "newkey" doesn't already exist in the dictionary it will just add it.

You probably don't want

allData = []

in there either.

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Thanks, I've made these changes so far, however, I am now getting "IndexError: list index out of range" for this line: while i > 0 and allData[i] == allData[i+1]: –  user1322596 Apr 9 '12 at 20:17

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