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How would I execute some code after a set number of milliseconds?

I only want to execute it once.


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There's the pygame.time.set_timer(eventid, milliseconds) function, which generates an event with id eventid on the event queue every milliseconds milliseconds, which you can then handle however you like. You can stop the event from being generated again by calling pygame.time.set_timer(eventid, 0).

SDL has an SDL_AddTimer function that does exactly what you want -- you pass it a callback function to be executed after some delay, but from the documentation I can't really find the pygame equivalent.

For a python solution, you can use the threading.Timer class.

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what is sdl? and how would i implement it? – maxhud Apr 9 '12 at 20:17
@maxhud SDL is the C library that pygame is built on. I was just saying this behavior exists in SDL but apparently not in pygame. – Ismail Badawi Apr 9 '12 at 20:17

Just have a look into the module sched — Event scheduler. The examples in the link are pretty neat to get you started

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For python solution setTimeout equivalent would be:

    import threading

def set_timeout(func, sec):     
    t = None
    def func_wrapper():
    t = threading.Timer(sec, func_wrapper)

    def hello():
       print "Hello, world!"

    set_timeout(hello, 0.1) # This is 0.1s = 100ms
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