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I am trying to sort a collection called user_score using the key position and get the very first document of the result. In this case the collection user_score doesn't exist and I was hoping to get the result as None, but i was getting a cursor back.

1. result =


Now i changed my query like below and did not get anything as expected.

2. result =

db.user_score.find_one({'score':{'$lt':score}}, sort=[("position", pymongo.DESCENDING)])

What's the problem with my first query?


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In your first query, in the sort function you're passing one argument ("position,pymongo.DESCENDING"), when you should be passing two arguments ("position", pymongo.DESCENDING).

Be sure to mind your quotation marks.

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This is the default mongodb behavior on find. Whenever you use find you get a list of the result (in this case an iterable cursor). Only findOne - or it's pymongo equivalent find_one will return None if the query has no matches.

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