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I have to reorganize data from one format in Excel into two other formats.

The original format is:

Original Format

The new formats are:

Main Format and Second Format

I think the basic processes are:

  • for the first table, the Numbers from A have to be associated with the correlated B row (i.e. copied down) and
  • for the second table, the first Date has to be copied up into the Row with the A Number

I'm new to the whole ETL thing and was trying to do this in SSIS as this data will ultimately go into SQL.

What is the best way of doing this?

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I'm hoping this is a 'once off'!

First delete blank rows (filter on Names). Assuming A Number is in A1 then:

in F2=IF(ISBLANK(A2),F1,A2),
in G2=IF(ISBLANK(B2),B3,B2),
in H2=IF(ISBLANK(C2),C1,C2) and
in I2=IF(ISBLANK(D2),D3,D2).

Put 'end' in ColumnF of last row of data. Copy F2:I2. Select F3. Ctrl+Shift+Down and Paste. Copy F:I, Select Cell F1, Paste Special, Values. Sort Ascending on ColumnH. Cut block from where ColumnH data begins B1 to end and Paste into a new sheet. Copy/Paste field names into both sheets. Delete ColumnG and ColumnsA:E in original sheet.

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