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This is giving me such a headache i just have to ask. I never seem to have trouble with C# or Java or SQL or JS as I have with CSS, and i spend too much time trying to figure things out.

I have a table div and some row and cell divs inside it. And i just want to make table div to be of exact height.

picture of my table div

My current style:
div .table
    width: 410px;
    height: 410px;
    max-height: 410px;        
    display: table;
    border-spacing: 10px; 
    overflow: visible;

What else do I have to do to make div exactly 410 px high?

I tried wrapping it in a outer div (with blue borders in picture with specific height and display:block) but table div does not seem to notice it. I added a div with clear:both at the bottom, sometimes it helps but not today...

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It appears that:


will force the element to expand to fill the width of the content. Even if you set "overflow" to be hidden.

Here's a fiddle with some examples:

I think you'll need to do a regular "display:block" and then set overflow appropriately. That would probably require you to adjust some of your other styles for the table/form elements inside but that should be double and I'm sure others will be happy to help.

I hope that helps!


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