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In my Chrome Extension, I am using webkitNotifications.createNotification to alert users. It's a great tool!! In the sample code given, the first parameter is optional and specifies an an icon and the Google instructions claim that it can be a local reference. When I use a local file, I get a broken image link. This even occurs when I use the sample for Notification Demo located here -

Does anyone else have this issue?

The icon is listed in my manifest file.

I can get around this by using a complete web reference, but I like to use this tool for error notifications and sometimes the error is caused by an interruption of internet access.

I am using chrome version 18.0.1025.151 m.


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The problem with their sample is they have included "manifest_version": 2 in their manifest but not added a "web_accessible_resources" listing what resources should be available to pages.
You can read more about manifest_version 2 and what changes it introduces here....
...and about web_accessible_resources here....

To fix the problem in the sample, you can either remove the manifest version 2 bit (even the docs say this wont be required for a while yet). Or you can add the following to the manifest....

"web_accessible_resources": [
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"Web Accessible" means the resources is being accessed from your server so you must make sure to include the path to the resources in your javascript and in the manifest,json.

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