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I just recently started to explore ImageMagick and I have a doubt. I have been searching but could not find a solution.

With the following code:

convert -background lightblue  -fill blue  -font Candice -pointsize 30 \
          -size 220x220  -gravity Center  caption:'$txt' \

How do I use an image as background instead a static color?

I have tried -background "file.jpg" but it does not work.

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Use -texture instead of -background.

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I've tried to replace -background 'file.jpg' by -texture 'file.jpg' but it comes with white background – user1305628 Apr 9 '12 at 21:02

I think I missunderstood your initial question. This will tile an image onto a set size background and add some text.

$txt = 'Caption';
// Tile the image - no background as it will not be seen behind the tile
$cmd = " -size 220x220 tile:noise.jpg -font Candice -fill blue -pointsize 30 ".
"-gravity Center -annotate +0+0 $txt";  
exec("convert $cmd output.jpg");
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You have to specify full paths to fonts when using ImageMagick from the shell on OS X. convert -size 220x220 tile:/Applications/ -fill blue -font /Library/Fonts/Arial\ Narrow.ttf -pointsize 30 -gravity Center -annotate +0+0 "some text" output.png. – ؘؘؘؘ Sep 29 '12 at 5:52

Quite a few ways depending the effect you are after but this is one simple way:

convert input.jpg -fill blue -font Candice -pointsize 30 -gravity Center -annotate +0+0 "Some text" $name.gif

I can not get the hang of the way this site posts code :(

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